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Week 01 Submissions

This first week's theme is Desaturated.

I thought we'd kick it off with a fairly simple theme. The only requirement is the icon must be desaturated.


- All members are allowed to participate, but you must be a member.
- Only official images are acceptable to be used for icons.
- All icons must meet LJ standards. (No more then 100x100 and 40k)
- All icons must be new and created solely for this challenge.
- Don't vote for your own icon/get others to vote for yours.
- You cannot reveal which icon is yours until results are posted, nor may you use it anywhere.

Submit your icon as a comment in this format:

URL to icon here
Theme: whatever theme it may be

You may submit up to 3 icons. They are due on Friday, October 10.
Tags: submissions, week 1
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